In Progress

WORKING TITLE:    The Regulars

CATEGORY:    Series of short stories, fiction

TAGLINE:    Dare to take a closer look at the lives of those around us

AUDIENCE:    Teens and adults

CURRENT STATUS:    2k words

PROJECTED FINISH:    10-12k words, completed series by July 2018

STYLE:    Narrative


We pass people day in, day out as we zip through our busy lives. From the outside, there is not much to notice, at least nothing so out of the ordinary for us to stop and take the focus off of ourselves. But what happens when we do? “The Regulars” is a sneak-peak into the lives of ordinary people that we encounter on a regular basis, revealing the unpleasant truth of their realities.


WORKING TITLE:    Die Nachbarn

CATEGORY:    Memoir, Creative nonfiction

TAGLINE:    Moving for love? Don’t leave yourself behind.

AUDIENCE:    20 – 40 year old business professionals; those who have sacrificed their jobs or careers for the sake of personal relationships; expats

CURRENT STATUS:    60k words, two sections completed; line edit by Dr. Rita Banerjee

PROJECTED FINISH:    80k words, completed manuscript by January 2019

STYLE:    In your face, conversational (includes dialogue, texts, emails and more)


How did this international jet-setting MBA originally from Texas with a penchant for cosmopolitan cities find myself living in provincial Munich, Germany without a job? By falling in love with a Bavarian that I met in a sauna in Finland, of course! Sounds like the makings of a fairy tale romance, right? Not quite.

Within the first few months of arriving in Munich, a fatal house fire claimed the life of the woman across the hall and sent me to the hospital with various injuries, some of which were more obvious than others. To escape my existence as a stranger to myself after the fire, I created a fantasy about the new next-door neighbor. This fantasy took an unexpected turn when it became reality and presented me with a number of life’s greatest questions concerning honesty and fidelity, not only to one’s partner but also to one’s self.

This self-discovery story is intended to challenge readers’ conventional beliefs about relationships, what one does to maintain relationships. Conscious decision-making and living with the consequences of one’s decisions are other key themes throughout the memoir in addition to tenacity and hope. The use of colorful nicknames is prevalent as it is my natural way of identifying individuals. What’s more, the pivotal role of those we surround ourselves with in our daily lives is celebrated.